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Book cover of the memoir Speak for Me Mom by Christine Wolf


A murder, a trial, and a mother's enduring love

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In early June 1989, nineteen-year-old Andreas Dresp had been home from college just a few short weeks. He was in high spirits, carefree, and happy as he headed out on a Saturday evening to meet up with some friends. But just a few short hours later, he was dead. Another teen, a stranger, had lethally attacked Andreas just two blocks from his home. 

Christine Wolf’s unvarnished firsthand account of the emotionally charged time that began the night of her son’s murder and recounts the homicide investigation, the arrest of the murder suspect, the grueling trial, and the aftermath of a crime that ultimately impacted and changed the trajectory of so many lives.


Based on the author’s handwritten journals as well as intimate letters she wrote to Andreas after his death, Speak for Me, Mom is a cautionary tale of youth, naivete, and the immense and lasting pain that can result from a single act executed without consideration of consequences. It’s a story of the high price exacted by youth violence in America; the confounding labyrinth that is the US court system; an examination of traumatic grief; and one mother’s search to find meaning amidst a crushing loss. 

"Moving and inspirational.

A book that is hard to put down."


Pedro Garrido-Castillo, Ph.D. Psychologist

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More Praise for

Speak for Me, Mom

“This book will be of help to families trying to cope in the aftermath of violence (and) of use to adults raising adolescent boys. It is a story that needs to be told.”

Todd Giles, Commercial Airline Pilot and close childhood friend of Andreas Dresp

“A wrenching account of the impact violence has on both victims and survivors. This book will help others who have been similarly traumatized.”

Heidi H. White, author of 
At the Edge of the Storm: Memories of my German Childhood During World War II

“A mother’s raw and haunting tale of the murder of her son and its aftermath. This story stays with you long after you’ve finished reading.”

Mary Lyons Hunter, Psy.D., Psychologist

“A triumph and valuable bereavement resource, reflecting the author’s experiences around her teenage son’s murder and the trial that followed.” 

Lucy Murray-Brown, 

Victim Advocate

“A call to action for our mental health system, police and courts to become more involved in prevention measures and sensitive to the pain of victim’s families.”

Iris M. Zaki

School Psychologist (retired)

Christine Wolf - Wolf39347_002-flat.tiff
Andreas Dresp as a baby
Andreas Dresp as a young boy with a friend and neighbor
Andreas Dresp as a child
Andreas Dresp on the day of his high school graduation

“As an adult, child and adolescent psychiatrist with a keen interest in the area of risk evaluations and the aftermath of trauma, I read this captivating book cover to cover in a single sitting. Raw, gritty and honest; a courageous telling of life-altering events. ”

Nausheen Din, M.D.

“As the mother of a murder victim, I am moved by the impact of Ms. Wolf’s writing. She has told a compelling and emotionally powerful story.”

Evelyn Tobin, Mother of

Kathleen Dempsey (1961-1992)

“An electrifying account of a mother’s post-traumatic reality. Ms. Wolf pares down descriptions to the barest bones of deep meaning. Her perspective is both personal and universal.”

Barbara Holleman, MSW,

Clinical Social Worker (retired)

“I couldn’t stop reading! The thread of trauma weaving through this book is stunning.”

Bette Spear, LMHC, LMFT

Homicide Bereavement Therapist

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